Ignition 8 Certified Integrator

Innosite Inc. is proud to announce that we are now an Ignition 8 Certified Integrator.

Ignition is an Industrial Application Software Platform for SCADA, HMI, IIoT, MES, Alarming, Reporting and more, provided by Inductive Automation. Ignition by Inductive Automation is the world’s first universal industrial application platform that lets you seamlessly collect all your data, design any kind of industrial application with ease, and instantly web-deploy clients to anyone, anywhere – without limits. With Ignition it’s as easy as “connect, design, and deploy” to get your important industrial data to anyone in your organization.

Everything You Need for One Affordable Price. Ignition is unlimited, so for the low cost of one server license you can seamlessly connect all your data, design any kind of industrial application with ease, and instantly web-deploy unlimited industrial and mobile clients to anyone, anywhere — all from one universal platform for industrial automation.

SCADA, IIoT, MES and Beyond – All On One Platform. Ignition is the world’s first truly universal industrial application platform because it empowers you to rapidly develop any type of industrial application, and scale your system in any way — all on one platform.

Web-Deploy Clients to Any Desktop, Industrial Display, or Mobile Device. Ignition gets your vital real-time data to anyone, anywhere, on any device with a web browser. With Ignition’s server-centric web-deployment model, you can instantly launch an unlimited number of web clients from an on-premise or cloud-based server.

Runs on Everything. Ignition is totally cross-platform and installs in minutes onto servers, laptops, mobile phones, and embedded devices.

Contact us today to learn more about the power of Ignition and how we can support your Ignition project.

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